Monday, 26 May 2008


Many of my readers may be having over shyness before girls or vis- a -vis, at least on their first date. It is observed that some persons are naturally so. They may receive time to time counseling, but still find it difficult to overcome the problem. I find a report that may interest those suffering from such problem. It is an outcome of Swiss research team; they developed a sort of nasal spray containing oxytocin--- a love chemical naturally produced in the brain. A product, they claim help banish excessive shyness in people.
It has been nicknamed `cuddle chemical` or the `love hormone`, oxytocin plays vital role in social relationship and maternal bonding and also released in sex. Amygdala ` -- a region linked with fear, danger becomes less active with inhale of the hormone. Trials are underway on many to help treat the pathological shyness. The suffers usually receive therapy of some kind and the trial helps to see if oxytocin can speed up the process. Results are expected this year.
Earlier studies with the nasal spray by Swiss team found that it makes the people more trusting. Under the spray people are exposed to risk games , like random gambling and the result is encouraging. Though I find the scope of misuse , with such spray specially in casino and places of gambling on gullible people. However its positive cannot be ignored. In a study, they also show that such is the power of oxytocin that it can outweigh the effects of rumors and gossip about the lack of trustworthiness. It is quoted that some observers saying “ Oxytocin has a very powerful effect. The subjects who received oytocin demonstrated no change in their trust behavior, even though they were informed that their trust was not honored in roughly 50 per cent of cases”.
So now, at least you can date with confidence!

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