Wednesday, 20 October 2010


The festive season in Bengal starts around this time of the year. lt starts with 'Durga Puja', as 'Nava Ratri' elsewhere. Kolkata being capital of West Bengal , the celebration is most ostensible and decorative here. The four days of celebration invites people from all over the states and beyond. The spirit runs so high that it stalls the movements of Metro ( the city as well as its underground railway system). There is distinct difference of the Kolkata's temperament in comparison with other metros across the country. Say , in Mumbai the 'Ganesh Puja' is celebrated with equal zeal and spirit. But sooner the celebration is over people are back to track. You find the city is in the same usual mood full of activities. But Kolkata stands apart. After the 'Durga Puja' at least for a week the city as well as Kolkatans suffer from hang-over. This is evident every where. The roads are more or less empty., traffic congestion is missing. People are not running anymore rather they are drooling. Even the sky remains gloomy.  As if everything, the living or others , is submerged in a state of grief seeing off Goddess Durga on the bank of Ganges for the year!

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