Tuesday, 27 May 2008


The Tibetan issues, that surface time to time, whenever there is some news related to Dalai Lama , their religious leader. Otherwise it is a long forgotten affair. Dhramsala a hilly township on the lap of Indian side of Himalaya, where the Tibetan refugees are camping since 50s, rarely make it a news for them. China`s Olympian aim being fulfilled while hosting Olympic this year, to show the world their miraculous achievements, brought forth the Tibetan issues on the fore front. All over the world the Tibetans in exile are protesting, drawing the otherwise asleep and indifferent international community. Where ever the Olympian torch relay is taking place, it is marred by the protest by the genuinely aggrieved Tibetans. After all the torch is symbol of friendship and fraternity. As if it is mockery of the Olympian torch, while Olympic being held in China at the support of global big bosses. Since, they are gradually getting entry into the vast unexploited Chinese market. Wiping off a country like Tibet; from the atlas of the world is better forgotten. Who cares for Tibet? Taking care of Chinese interests meets the business interests of the global bosses. Well; Tibet is absorbed in China! So, Tibet is also going to fetch benefits, may be this is the philosophy working behind global inactions over a daylight savaging rape of a country`s independent entity!

Let us recapitulate the Tibetan imbroglio. Till 1949-50 Tibet , as a independent country had diplomatic relations with several countries. All of a sudden the Chinese leadership, following the tracks of Soviet bloc, annexed Tibet claiming it is part of China. The reasons offered were ridiculous. The Mongol captured Tibet when the captured China and after long the Manchurian Dynasty annexed Tibet. This sounds as good Afghans and Moghuls ruled India, so India belongs to them, far more to Britain since they ruled for the last 200 years before Indian independence. They did it, they knew that there was none to resist. They know still there is none to bring them back to senses. Human rights! is hoax; it for just few people with lots time to spare and nowhere to show faces;so shout slogans. Making others to feel they too are there! After attacking Tibet , the Chinese forced the Tibetan authority to sign a treaty in 1951 with 17 clauses. There it was assured that Tibetan culture, language, religion will be left untouched. Nothing they have maintained. The Tibetan language is on the brink of death. Chinese Mandarin has taken over; even Tibetan religious books are available only in that language. The whole of Tibet is filled by Hun Chinese, who were settled to overflow the Tibetan population. All the government jobs, policing, business are taken over by them. In Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, the Hun Chinese outnumber the Tibetans. Such is the scenario; the Chinese have looted the Tibetan`s monasteries, killed the monks, ravaged Tibet. We watch, after all we are not in Tibet, or further more there are more cruelties, atrocities, attacks elsewhere to attract our immediate attentions.

So let the Olympic be held there, King Nero played while Rome burnt!

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