Friday, 2 May 2008

The past and present

In India, the month of May is not pleasant. The scorching sun raise the mercury, in some areas in northern India , the hot air called "loo" blows with high speed, carrying along the dust, sands et al. I had opportunities to travel widely and have short and long staying in most of the parts of this sub-continent. It has enriched my coffer of experience. I have seen how the climate changes with the growing greenery. I was born in a industrial town immediately after independence. It was a Railway township; CHITTARANJAN. where the locomotive engine factory was set by Indian Railway. In early 50s the township was barren, just newly built up staff quarters, roads, factory sheds and water reservoirs without a shade of green existed. The town planners took the pain to plant many saplings by road sides and where ever they felt it would be decorative and off course in the parks. During those early days there the heat of summer was extreme. I remember the how tough it was going to school, a few kilometers away. The hot wind with it`s high speed use to charge like thousands pins ( it contained dusts) on the face or exposed portions our body. The summer vacations was a great relief for the students as well as their parents.

But with the growth of greeneries the climate changed within a decade. It all happened in my presence, as we too was growing like those samplings. By the time I made my exit from the school after the secondery examination, the summer was pleasant , the "loo" was more or less forgotten. The " Gool Mohur" trees offered great shade and comfort during summer. And in sprint they wore the colour, with the flowers, it is unforgettable! Seeing a town groom gradually, is truly a matter of chance. Not everyone can such unique experience. I think I am lucky to have that, what on later stage I had to see the reverse. The groomed cities are converted into concrete jungle, as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore. Bangalore what use to be India`s garden cith, it is no more so. Anyone would vouch for this, who is there even since 70s.

The reversal is gaining the pace and may be heading towards dooms day sooner or later. Global warming is another phenomena what is born out such indiscriminate urbanization, carbon pollution, industrializations et al. The recent concern from various bodies have been voiced, will they make any impact on them; who are out take us to the shore of dead sea !

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