Monday, 26 May 2008


Think, you are standing in a bus stand, waiting for a particular bus, one after another buses are coming, jetting out black smock right on your face and whizzing away. This is very common in any Indian city, more so in Kolkata. It is objected elsewhere but not here in Kolkata. Here people are so use to it, they accept it as the way of their daily life.
The air pollution in Kolkata has reached to a dangerous level already. The ever increasing number of vehicles is adding the woes. Where as in Delhi, use of LPG (liquid petroleum gas) is mandatory, in Kolkata they talk of it but never enforce by law. After all the power that be , are much concerned about their vote bank than public health. After all voters with lung cancer can vote. But the army of transporters with their dilapidated vehicles, getting awry is taboo. Every day 5 million vehicles are scampering on the streets. Leave the use of LPG afar, 50% of them are using cheaper fuel ( a mixer of kerosene oil with petrol or diesel).
The government is dilly dallying with enforcing use of LPG on the plea the in the state of West Bengal, the supply of LPG is not sufficient. But they are neither out to take any step to augment the supply as other states are doing. Kolkata hits to the top with number of people suffering with lung cancer. More than 70% people here are suffering from respiratory problem. Here traffic police are supplied with oxygen cylinder to remain on the streets on duty. At the same time on the same road side hundreds of people are doing brisk business for far longer hours in a day! The vehicles more than 15 years old are not allowed to ply within the city limit to reduce pollution elsewhere, but that is not so in Kolkata. It is city where you can still find the vintage cars are used as taxi or goods carriers cheerfully.

Surprisingly, in the neighboring country Bangladesh, this pollution issues are taken very seriously. Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, allows the vehicles to ply with CNG to arrest pollution. Here the political pollution ensures that air pollution stays to let them stay.

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