Sunday, 4 May 2008


On the ever of Olympic games , the Tibetan uprising for independence and subsequent mayhem by Chinese red army raised a lot of hue and cry all over the world. The Tibetan settlers all over the world are staging agitation. The Olympic torch is where ever being ritualistic run irrespective of country are facing agitated Tibetan protesters. At this juncture, a fresh report of satellite image revealing existence of secret harbor in China, where nuclear powered submarines are manufactured is disturbing. This will all the way dislodge the balance of power in the region. The region is controlled by the big brother US marine power. Upsurge and building of n-powered submarines by China may pose a threat. The US reaction to the report is yet to come. Since US economy is passing through a stage of recession, their foreign policies are also likely to affected by that. The Bush administration has to think twice before making any comment. Or may be so, that it already has an under table understanding with China !

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