Monday, 2 June 2008

End of Monarchy in Nepal

Yesterday was the day, marked for one of the last monarchy`s fall. The King of Nepal, the small Himalayan kingdom has ended its centuries old monarchy. The King Ganyendra is no more the king, the irate mob attacked the royal palace in Kathmandu, as every time such thing happens when a monarchy or dictatorship ends anywhere in the world. It happened recently in Iraq, we watched on TV, how the tall statue of Saddam Husain was pulled down by hilarious mob. The royal palace is likely to be converted into a national museum. The King is likely to stay elsewhere as an ordinary citizen. Nepal has become a republic after lots of struggle. Now the world will watch how the republic is run in future.
In fact history offers evidence that in past, where ever the democracy emerged ending the monarchy it lasted and in many cases as a true democracy. But where democracy emerged ending the colonial rules as in India, sometime it was very short-lived. As we find in the case of Pakistan, Myanmar (former Burma) and in many African countries. Where the junta has taken over or a dictator commands the power, at least you know what is going on. Suppression of human rights, mayhem of newspapers besides all sorts of atrocities are being carried out the power that may be. Nepotism and amassing of wealth in foreign banks are the common follies with the rulers of those unfortunate nations. However, they do not do that in the name of democracy, so neither they tarnish the image of democracy. But in the world`s biggest democracy, like India can boast of all those drawbacks as evident in those countries in a manner difficult to imitate by any other in the world.

India won freedom, being led by some prominent leaders, who were blind to see what would happen the way they bargained the freedom. Now, it appears that their only concern was how they remain at the top of the affair and “ruling the country” must become their family business. Go by their history, is it not surprising that two barristers form London, one became the first Prime Minister of India and other the first Head of Pakistan; were so short sighted that they could not foresee the plight that they were going to impose upon by dividing the subcontinent. Even after 60 years of independence still these two cousin (now three, Bangladesh having freed itself from Pakistan in 1971) nations, provisioning maximum budgetary allocation on military spending, just to keep each other at bay! In both the countries, illiteracy, poverty, lack of proper sanitation or drinking water, infrastructures, electricity merit the optimum concern. But that is far cry. In India, in the name of democracy what goes on is hoax. It is the only democratic country where you find all the major members in a family are politicians and occupying some chairs either in parliament or legislative councils. They all come though the democratic drama, that is election. One after another election comes and goes; they keep clinging to the chairs. Off course, some time they change the position as they remain either in power or in opposition. The prize power only changes hands between same groups of people, decades after decades, belonging to same family. Look for examples, with Nehru family at the fore front, then PA Sangma, Lalu Yadav , Scindias……the list is endless. They say India is great; god bless India.

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