Saturday, 28 June 2008


While handling with angry or irate customer, one must first of all give a patient hearing. Customer is the king in the modern world. Mind it , that as the old adage is `The King is always right`, thus the present marketing mantra is `Customer is always right`. But ironically, many a times you find that the angry or irate customer is not totally right, either he might have failed to note what was on offer or missed few lines in documents of offer , may be he might have failed to comprehend the matter sometime. Listen him carefully, in which ever service sector you are, listening is a must. You may not be able to solve the problem of the customer you are handling, but definitely you are able enough to calm him down at the first step. If the anger of the customer is for a just cause and due to negligence on the part of you or some of your colleague,immediately resolve the issue then seek his excuse, expressing your regret. One thing may work magic, when you handle a irate customer. Offer him a cup of tea, coffee or cold drinks whatever is available on spot or he prefers.

Not all the problems the customer are asking you to resolve is possible to address them immediately. It they are likely to take some time and you are sure the issue would be resolved then tell him politely and seek his consent or as if permission address the issue in due time. There are still some which are beyond your purview or can not be resolved, never tell him straight. Tell him , you need little time to look into the matter and will be back immediately with some answer. But do not forget him thee after. After a day or two, ring him up to tell that his problems is beyond you or your organization`s capacity and suggest him the next step or alternative.

There are another type of angry customer, who is before you not that your service or anything related with his current dealings have in short coming but he is havening grouse since long for some one else`s poor service or some previous mistakes that made him to suffer. May be to his ill luck he was victimized of the same type of mistakes every time or may be due to negligence of some of your staffs. This type of customer merits more attention. First of all offer him some sort of drinks hot or cold whatever is available or he likes. Involve him in things he takes pride about. Say his beard, or purse or any thing praise worthy. You know most of the human likes to be praised anyway. That is the best way to win one and all. Do that and find what can be done to turn him in a manner so that he forgive and forgets. Ensure, he never leaves your place unattended.

These are the few ways to service angry customers. But there are many other, that one has to evolve himself and do not forget the best way to communicate is a smile.

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