Monday, 2 June 2008


Sea piracy is one of the oldest professional crimes, ever since men learnt to brave the high sea on boats or ships, sea pirates followed them to loot them. In mid sea, before heavily armed looters the sailors ever remained helpless. However in those days, the pirates were happy with their loots, whatever they could find on board. Latter in middle age they use to carry the sailors along to sell them off as slaves many times. The slave trade was thriving then. It is unfortunate that though we are exploring the surface of moon or mars but we are yet to purge the surface of our own planet! Sea piracy is very much on even now, the pirates use those ships that are not recorded with Lloyds. Nor they are satisfied with their loots what they usually find on the ships that fall pray. They take the seamen on hostage for ransom. Usually the they get it, on the face, from the shipping companies who own the ships. It is left to anyone`s guess who funds the shipping companies. After all you cannot expect the shipping companies are operating for charity.

Recently it happened with MV Victoria, a Jordanian ship, crewed by no less than 10 Indians and others. It took in the coast of Somalia, the country is already in doldrums, their denizens are looking for UN aids for bare survival. It is plagued with domestic fights over the control of the country. The beleaguered groups are backed by different interests, as usually happen in those parts of planet. It has come to knowledge that it is open secrets that Somallian pirates are regularly collecting ransoms from Indian dhows crossing the Arabian sea. Indian naval power stay helpless to help out its own men in the other territory, respecting the international law. But laws are for them who abide by them, there is no law for outlaws. To tackle the outlaws you have the break the law . The international community should take the cognizance of the situations and come out with a global policing system to eradicate sea piracy permanently.
Last but not the least, becoming pirates was this writers fantasy in childhood; may be the thrill some stories related to pirates and their treasures were the motivators. Off late , the winning of several Oscars by “ The pirates of Caribbean” vindicate the same.

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