Saturday, 12 July 2008


A recent report in news paper suggests that Nagpur ( a city in India ) is leading for the cause of waste management in India. Most of the metro or mega cities in India have undertaken various projects for waste management. Particularly, recycling the waste into fertilizers or bio-gas for environment friendly purposeful usage is becoming popular. In Nagpur, a company; The Unique Plastic Waste Management and Research Pvt. Ltd is engaged in recycling plastic wastes (including carry bags) into fuel oil. It is sulfur free equivalent of industrial crude. This can be readily used as furnace oil and can be subjected to fractional condensation to produce petrol. It offers enormous opportunity for such conversion, if done in a big way. The company presently purchasing 5 tons of plastic waste form the rag pickers and offering them good price for their sale. This can be followed in all urbane area to recycle the plastic waste, which is menacing otherwise by plugging drainage system or blocking the sewerage. The recycle product being sulfur free is no doubt environment friendly and at the same time India can save a lot by the cutting its oil imports. The details of the project were reported in the magazine,’Environ. Vol X No 4, page 57.


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