Saturday, 23 August 2008


If you are a teacher or anyone associated to grill the pupil or public as a matter of routine job, you must surmise how to separate them who lie at ease than who speak the truth. Truly it is a tough task. In a school where hundreds of students throng, one comes up with specific complaints alleging other for the sin. But the guy looks so innocent and narrates his story so naively that it is hard to think that he ever could commit such follies. I remember a story of Mogul style of detecting the criminals by some courtesan on Mogul empire. Some suspects were brought to the court for alleged thefts. All denied having committed the crime. The courtesan, Bribal (Emperor Akbar`s court) came forward and sought permission to find the thief from the emperor. The permission was granted. He asked for some flour. That he distributed everybody one or two spoonful and put that on their palm. Asked them to make paste of flour, with their spit instantly, all did except one. He could not spit a drop, his mouth was dry. Birbal dragged him out and declared that he was the thief. The man confessed the crime, the emperor was surprised by Birbal`s intelligence and rewarded him while punishing the thief.
But stories are stories; they do not stand the test of time. However a recent finding as narrated by Dr Sharon Leal, co-author of the study at Portsmouth University states that if a person is telling lie, his eye would blink less while he is lying than the person who is speaking truth. But if you keep watch on him, afterward he would have a flurry up to eight times faster than usual. According to the report in the Mail Online, it means that blink rates could be used by professionals to catch liars. Experimenters undertaken for the study found that when questions were being asked and the answers given, the blink rate of the liars went down. Afterwards, the blink rate of the liars increased rapidly in a sudden flurry of activity, while that of the truth tellers remained the same. Is this tip of any help to you? Let me know, leave your comments.

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