Monday, 11 August 2008


Every year the month of August is august to every Indian. It was in this month on 15th day of 1947, we won our independence. We celebrate with much pomp and show every year this day, the other being the 26th January, the republican day. The history of Indian freedom struggle is a long one. Many parties with various ideas sprang up all over Indian subcontinent, all with the one goal to end the British rule. Smaller parties favored the rout of arms struggle, the bigger chose more safe, wise rout and off course the never heard before non-violence rout. What actually made British to leave this country in a hurry is a matter debate now. However, Congress, Muslim league and the Prince`s Club (consisting 30 Maharajas of erstwhile States during Raj) were together on the same side of negotiation table. Later only those who were at the helm of affairs in these parties remembered most and applauded by this country as the heroes of masterminding India`s independence. Many like Netaji Subhas Bose, who took the arms against British Army, later declared by the Allied forces as war criminal along with Nazis, hordes of smaller freedom fighters, who were really brave and many of them sacrificed their life for the same cause lost in the pages of history. To –day`s generation may not be knowing their names. Sometimes they are remembered, news paper covers these stories in their smallest column, or the photograph of a Minister, while he is garlanding the freshly cleaned status of some freedom fighters. Some of his henchmen attend such functions, government money spent to host such occasions. That is it. These days a boy who is in his early 20s, would surmise that exactly 100 years ago, on this day( 11 Aug 1908), a boy in his late teens, was hanged for killing some innocent family members of tyrant colonial rulers. His name is Khudiram Bose. This writer, being born in early 50s, just after independence, remembers his childhood days. In those days, they were remembered by most of the elderly people with much respect; true respect. Though the show was much less pompous, still they believed that India would shine in near future because the sacrifices of all those men can never go in vain! But, 60 years after the independence, some time I feel that British in fact did a favor by hanging those selfless young brave men. Independent India could offer no place to them. Had they seen what goes on here in the name of politics, how the horse trading , kick-backs, thriving corruptions continues unchecked, they would have preferred to commit suicide . Is this the India they fought for?

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