Saturday, 30 August 2008


Perhaps the present generations would laugh at ; exchanging love letters or mailing them to distant lovers at our times. The e-mail, SMS, cellular phones have made those things obsolete. With mobile phones they feel they are always in touch with each other. I feel pity for them, why you know? They never come to know after dropping the first love letter in the mail box, how we kept waiting for its reply for days. How those intermediate days use to lose its pace with every passing days. Looking at letter box , off and on, in odd hours when usually there use to be no chance of mail delivery, with a hope against hope for the desired mail. Intense the wait, intense the love that usually got projected in the next letter that followed the previous one`s reply. There is no account how many hearts might have broken for the missing mail that contained the first lover letters of the lovers. Obviously they were never responded, frustrating their writer, who always took it granted she was not for him. Those with more confidence, tried with another and few must have been successful. But many like me never wrote to her again to avoid the agony of refusal. In fact , the love in those days use to spurt on the first sight and the communication use to be limited within meeting the eyes. Innocence took better, many a times, frequent leers or blushful smiling glances girls were taken as symptom consent. So love letter followed, very few were responded and fewer were in affirmation. Young lovers think of their plight! Still the waits, the smiles, the blushes, the leers offered a feeling that could only be felt through our spinal chord! To me love without those feelings does not much sense; how about you?

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