Monday, 4 August 2008

Valley of Bandits turns to bio-fuel hub

It is reported that the famous or ill famous Chambal Valley is going to transform a great national energy hub. How! Having liquidating several gangs of robbers and eliminating the most wanted few, the Madhya Pradesh government is mulling with the idea to let out the valley to corporate on lease to cultivate jatropha. This jatropha seeds are used for making bio diesel; what is on top most national agenda. Mr. Shivraj Singh, the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh said “Most of the infamous dacoits of the area have been eliminated. I`s time to convert Chambal into a future energy hub. I am glad that several private companies have shown interest in developing the area and cultivation jatropha under our wasteland development policy”. The global energy crisis reached it`s zenith, has sent a shock wave with the threat of impending food crisis. Since most of the farm lands diverted to cropping bio-diesel, thus creating a shortage of cereals. The food grains price have sky rocketed too all over the world, the inflation rates are soaring high. The oil form the jatropha curcas seeds are used to make bio fuel in many countries. Including India, Philippines and Mali. A hectare of land, yields about 1500-2000 Kgs of Jatropha seeds, which after extraction yields of 540 to 680 liters of fuel. The companies , as informed, like K S Oils, Ruchi Group and Indian Oil Corporation are in the fray to name a few.

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