Wednesday, 12 November 2008

My Experience as a Writer !

After a long gap, I am here at it again. You may be thinking that I am on long vacation or busy elsewhere! No, I was neither on vacation nor busy elsewhere. In fact I remained busy here, trying my hands on some other job. The jobs, I heard much about available on the net, is the job of writer. And that is paying. This wooed me. I thought adding few bucks besides my salary is not a bad idea. After all, who does not like add something more to his purse that can be spent comfortably? So I jumped in to it. Tell you frankly, it kept me quite busy after my office hours. I forgot to watch good many days the news channel in TV or my evening session of news paper reading. My wife encouraged me, finding I am less badgering to her for cups of tea or smoking; sitting by the side of her in my drawing room, compelling her to passive smoking. After all these days, one of our minister has vowed to take up the cudgel against the smokers, compelling them to smoke nowhere except in toilet!
The experience in my newly found job spelt interesting. My employer from US assigned me jobs like rewriting a particular topic that he gives five or ten times in five or ten different ways respectively! A poor writer like me braved the task just for a few dollars more! And tasks of such nature when continued, it stole my night’s sleep. Even sleeping seemed wastage of time. Your single word is valuable (since I was paid in a rate that was number of words per topic basis). So the sleepless nights followed by sleepy days. I found me sleeping past the stoppage where I should get down for attending my office. The same happened while visiting one of closed friend. I fell asleep when she went to kitchen for a cup of tea! Well, I assured myself it is just matter of time. After all, all the babies do have teething trouble. It goes when he grows. So, this is all initial hitches, I shall remain awake like a Station Master in night and like a Post Master during day time. Sleeping is truly a waste of time. Gone are the days of killing time by watching TV serials, or movies. Back home, I am always on computer. Paraphrasing, re-writing started monotonous, so I asked for some other kind of job. My kind employer was just ready with that. He offered some time bound writing of dissertation jobs. They are more fetching. My first assignment was on a subject of nuclear medicine! Imagine, being a financial advisor by profession, with subjects like history and international relations in my graduation level; writing dissertation on a topic that relates nuclear medicine! Hope you understand the trauma; but I did. That too before the deadline approached. But I felt the nuclear in my body cells are not becoming rebellious. Felling dizzy during business hours, the computer screen becoming blurred in the evening, what still remained wooing is the charm of dollars!
But that charm did not work long. One fine morning my mentor, sent back my assignments telling, there are many errors. I took my time to find them out. Surprising, when I read it, I could not believe that it was written by me! But, to my dismay, I checked with my own copy, it was the same. I understood, thus far no further. So, I am back here again with you; any comment?

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