Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Yamaha Rhino Rollovers Vicitms

The much hyped all terrain vehicle Yamaha Rhino ATV has failed to meet expectations of the users and belied what the company claimed at the time of its launch. Many of its users had bitter experience using it as it is defectively designed. It is reported that many death and injuries are associated with this particular ATV. Yamaha Rhino ATV seems to have less stability during manoeuvre and it rollovers causing accidents to its riders, injuring them; specially breaking their legs.

It is considered that the vehicle’s lack of wideness causes its instability. It is a top heavy vehicle, so it has a high center of gravity; making it more susceptible for rollovers. It’s small tyres is another cause of accidents; is felt.
If you are unfortunate victim Yamaha Rhino Rollover you have all the right for compensation. The company though did not admit their faulty design but offered free doors and handholds for safer rides. This is being given to the owners of 2004-2007 ATV models. This despite of their non admittance of faulty design construes to the act of follow-up covering measures. If you suffered from any injury due to Rhino rollover, you can file a law suit and there are several law firms are helping the the victims.

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