Saturday, 11 July 2009

IT Industries - The Savior

The social sites or dating sites are gaining more and more popularity by every passing days. People with access to internet mostly engaged themselves with these sites when they are free. In fact movies or TVs became popular as they offered a space in day to day life that is monotonous. The world of fantasy or depicting realty helps escape viewers for some time cutting down their stress level. Not that they are not popular any more, they still are firm in their place albeit with little intensity. Now the new entrant internet has replaced the movies or TVs at least with those having easy access to it.
In fact internet overtook the movie or TV shows in terms popularity because it offers to interact. This interaction has drawn the vast internet users to dating or social sites like Google’s Orkut or Tagged, Persoft and many more. These sites truly opened new vistas for millions of internet users all over the world. Now it is quite usual that a person sitting right in a .remote village of Myanmar is connected through internet to another in Los Angles, USA. He can chat with him, exchange ideas , explore business feasibilities across the globe. Earlier Hollywood movies might have brought the stars on the screen before the Myanmarees; now it is possible to interact! So, truly the internet has turned our planet to global village.
The immense potentials of internet in terms of data and information making available to anyone is revolutionary. Even during the current global meltdown, when the economy in most big economies are in a bad state, industries have slowed down their production due to lack of demands; workers are being laid off; unemployment and recession have overcast its shadow in vast part of global economy. Experts believe the current depression can match only with great depression of 1930s; that took no less than twenty years to recover and its recovery became faster due to Second World War, thanks to Hitler and associates!
As the great depression of last century could shorten its term due to devastation of world war II; as it offered the stupendous scope to rebuild that required many fold increase of industrial production, so this time it is going to be internet or the information technology. It too offers the great scope of expansion throughout the world and that requires the multi fold increase of IT related industrial production. Though there is hiccup in the information technology industries evident currently but there are signs of recovery already. In fact this industry so far has been proceeding forward with innovation; that demanded much investment on research and study. Now with the global recession setting in, it can go for expansion since that would absorb the excess manpower. There is a tremendous scope for these industries in the entire third world. Next to power, the entire third world is waiting for the exposure to this new technological revolution.

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