Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Global Warming

Many of my readers must be quite younger than me. I am heading fast to strike the golden age of 60. Sixty years, after all, are sufficient and supposed to have offered me ample scope to watch the, if not the world, but the environment where I do live. In this part of planet where I live ( India, South Asia)the climate has changed remarkably. This time it should be the rainy season but this year it is without rain. It is not drought; but irregular rain, at least not what it used to be earlier. So, the same is being experienced by my friend Paulo in Sau Paulo in Brazil, he is of my age.
So, the same phenomena is reported from most of the part of the globe. We all are agreed on one point, it is due to Global Warming. So, my young readers what you find to-day, when you reach our age it may be different if you don't preserve this world in a better way. No emission no pollution, is the key word, keep this in your mind, if you with to leave a better world to live in.

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