Sunday, 25 October 2009

India is on Reverse Gear !!!

In the advent of current millennium 2000; on the Republic Day i.e 26th January 2000, during Presidential address to the nation, the then President K R Narayanan foretold “ ………….. the first track of globalization is impeding the pedestrians to cross the road;………………. this may lead to civil wars…………………”; and now we find that he was true. Though he did not get second tenure to continue as President of India, what is presumed that he offended the Government by making such statement that revealed the bitter truths.
During the past nine years after we entered into this millennium, lots of incidents have taken place like Iraq war, global depression and obviously further increase of terrorists insurgencies all over the world; specially this part of the planet. With the growing population in India, the greater part of Indian population appears to roll on back gear, furthering themselves from the improvements that were promised by the global community while advocating of globalization. The parameters set by United Nations to gauge the quality of life considering factors like health, education, nutrition, incidents pre and post natal deaths and several other factors for the entire nation; unfortunately in India only at the best 20% can be considered to meet the expected level but the rest are falling far behind. The statistics presented by government only avow Shaw’s version that lies are three types, plain lie, lie and statistics. So what is claimed as achieved showing the rosy pictures in terms of improvement of common men’s life in India is not true and this is evident with anti government movements like naxalite’s insurgencies. Now the government too admits the fact that lots are to be done to bring the backwards at par for enabling them to benefit from globalization.
Right now, they are reeling under tremendous pressure of inflation, exorbitant price rise and dwindling wages. Will this improve in the near future to avoid further worsening of the situation? The answer is obviously negative, as there is no sign in any action initiated seriously by the politicians ushers hope. In India the democracy never means ‘government for the people, by the people, of the people’; it is .. Government for the power, by the power, of the powerful!

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