Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Invest with Care!!

With the market going high and hing; most of the ordinary investors are investing in stocks and mutual fund's units that they consider promising. But unfortunately they are wrong. For the past (30) thirty years I have been observing the Indian market;the trend here , only then the small investors invest when market goes high and subsequently they lose as market falls. They believe, initially that the market is falling for corrections; as most of their popular TV channels advocate. But to their utter dismay , the market keep falling without any sigh of revival. Most of the small investors , with fear, divest and fill the pockets of the operators. Those who take the gullible investors for ride, even in these days of Globalization.

So, I urge not fall pray in the hands of operators. Small investors should divest and keep the liquidity intact. When the market falls or crashes they should pick up only the blue chips.

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