Friday, 8 October 2010

India in 2010

  Often I remember the speech of our Ex President Mr. K R Narayanan; he delivered on the Republican Day on 26th January 2000, in the advent of new millennium.  I may not recollect it precisely from my memory here it is what I remember “……………….. the fast track of globalization is impeding the pedestrians to cross the roads……………….”; and he predicted the civil war as one of result for this.  Well he earned the then ruling party’s wrath for such speech as offending them.  However, after a decade we find his prediction was right and his forecast is unfortunately correct to the hilt.  

The recent outbreaks of insurgency in the backward districts of most of the states in our country stand in evidence of that. After more than sixty years of independence, many pockets of our country remain where they were in 20s! Metal roads, electricity, basic amenities like availability of safe drinking water or minimum medical facilities, educations are far cry. In most of those troubles, prone areas stand in dark contrast to these metros where we dwell. What a retributive justice having befallen on the Government when they send their men in uniforms to nab the rebels or insurgents groups. They too find it hard to accomplice their mission due the same shortcomings like lack of roads, drinking water or electricity! Funny! Isn’t it? Even Army finds it easier in enemy land to invade in terms of accessibilities or safe drinking water! The benefits of development have never reached to these millions of our underprivileged fellow Indians. This turned them rebellious as they have nothing to lose. Now more difficulties are faced by the Government to curb this militancy. There is no road, no electricity; no school but some how election is conducted every five years with lot of promises. Sooner the voting ‘Tamasha’ is over they are forgotten. Poverty, you have heard of that and used to see them in city slums but you cannot imagine the abject poverty that exists in these dark zones. The locals have no money to buy anything from market. Reports pour in that people in poverty prone backward areas survive with barely taking a meal of wild plant’s roots that they collect from forests.

God bless India.

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