Saturday, 13 November 2010

MAHA NEPAL OR GREATER NEPAL -- The Latest Craze in Nepal; PART - II

(This is concluding part of same article PART -I)

In 1857, the history changed its course as India’s first war of independence altered the fate of British East India Company. The Crown took over the charge directly after English soldiers with their native army could defeat the rebellion. This was a jolt for the Crown. However, peoples of Nepalese origin in British army the“Gurkha” played a formidable role for British to suppress the Indian uprising or war of independence that British termed skillfully as ‘Sepoy Mutiny’. The expert English officers in British army could recognize the excellent valor of ‘Gurkhas’ in war- field. There after, ‘Gurkha’ soldiers became indispensable for British Army. They are so even now. Last war British used them was Falkland war against Argentina in recent past.

Now with monarchy gone and became a part of Nepal’s history. The present Maoist government is keeping close tie with their Chinese godfathers. Taking clue from Chinese aggressive policy, they too have started claiming their lost territory in India; threatening India’s integration. With British East India Company being extinct, they claim the treaty with them is invalid. Therefore, they have rights over the area as shown in the ‘map’ of last post. This fallacious claim is gaining popularity with ordinary Nepali citizens and brewing an inimical sentiment against India.
Unfortunately, Indian government is totally overlooking this development. No union minister commented anything on the issue. May be, they think, such comments will bring misunderstanding between two countries. But if such propaganda continues in this India’s neighboring country, in near future with Chinese provocation Nepal may take the same stand as their Chinese godfathers. So some protest should be made and matter should be brought in the notice of international community.


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Jitendra Khatri said...

The Colonialist started occupying Nepali Territories after the so called Sugauli Treaty of 1816. It was not a treaty, the British took advantage of Nepal Army's set back in couple of fronts in the war. Treaty is done in equal footing. It was a treachery in part of the British. When the British left in 1947, they created two countries India and Pakistan. They made two wings of Pakistan, West Pakistan and East Pakistan. The intention of the British was to create everlasting fight between majority Hindu India and Islamic Pakistan. India helped born a new county Bangladesh out of East Pakistan. India, virtually helped freedom fighter to get independence from Pakistan. India succeeded in creating two countries out of Pakistan. It was in India's interest as well. Make Pakistan weak.

It is so ironic that when British decolonized India and were forced to grant independence to India. They should have returned Nepali territories they had unfairly occupied back to Nepal. Unfortunately, they did take the easy way out and left the occupied Nepali territories to India. Had there been some demand from Nepal the lost territories would have been reverted back to Nepal. When British were granting independence to India, Nepal was under the autocratic Rana rule. The Ranas did not want to displease the then Indian leadership, they probably thought their regime could not last if they did not have the blessings from Indian leadership. The Ranas did not raise the question of returning Nepali territories. In fact, in legal and technical terms when the British decolonized India and left the Nepali territories they had occupied since 1816 should have been returned to Nepal. Therefore, the concept of
Greater Nepal had to be raised before India became independent. India is well aware of this fact and she has been playing game to encroach further in Nepal. India is responsible in unstable political situation in Nepal since Indian independence. Her plan is to create situation like in Sikkim and annex Nepal. That is the reason India never supported Nepal's desire to be declared a zone of peace as proposed by late king Birendra. All the countries that Nepal proposed including all super powers and major countries in the world endorsed this idea of "zone of peace". India never accepted this idea and agreed to declare Nepal as zone of peace. In fact, Nepal was really peaceful before until two decades ago. India is just looking for the situation for a direct intervention. That is why she has been using all the corrupt politicians including Maoist of Nepal to start ethnic fights among Nepalis and then intervene in Nepal. However, this is only a wishful thinking of the Indians, brave Nepali will never let this happen. Nepalis all over the world will unite and craze for Greater Nepal will become a reality soon.