Thursday, 30 December 2010

The First Decade of this Millennium

So the first decade of new millennium has passed. We are going to step into a new decade. Still the memory of stepping into new millennium is fresh. Don’t you remember the millennium bug? All the institutions including defense, banking or any other using web network were frightened that they would lose the data as the computer would read the 1st Jan of 2001 as 1st Jan of 1901. I remember the 31st Dec of 1999; till late hours we have been taking the print outs of all the accounts. The software industry as a whole had their hay days selling their millennium bugs cleansing software. However nothing happened anywhere in this planet. Nobody reported being charged by millennium bug in their system.  The hue and cry was forgotten soon. Except the share price of IT sector sore higher. They made huge profits.

The last decade saw 9/11, Iraq war and global recession. In fact throughout decade headlines were struck by hot and chill news. Terrorism tops the list and a new term like financial terrorism with explosive like subprime crises had emerged. That shook the world with global meltdown.

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