Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Law and Order in West Bengal

Law and order situation is fast deteriorating at our state of West Bengal. So far  political murders were hitting the headlines almost regularly. Specially the Naxal movement prone districts like Purulia, Bankura, Midnapore , skirmishes between polices, paramilitary force personals and Naxals are reported daily. In our city life we read them with morning cup of tea and some time try to imagine how the things are going on there. Though most of us even don't have vague idea about those areas, societies , people or the firings between the terrorists and forces. However we remain perplexed to find photographs of dead bodies of  innocent. rustic villagers being carried by security personals in Van Rikshaws or by some other carts. We surmise how come these simple villagers turn to terrorism!

But the news of killing of a teen aged boy at the late night in the district town Barasat, by three drunken hoodlums  right on the street where District Magistrate , Police Super reside and their Bungalows are well guarded by security personals. It is reported that the boy at that hour carrying his elder sister from the railway station by cycle was surrounded by by those goons. Who were abusive and tried to molest the girl who works at call center in Kolkata and gets late daily to return home.Her brother's obvious protest brought brutal attack with knife to which he succumbed. He used to   fetch his elder sister everyday at railway station . 

The road is brightly illuminated and passes through the vital area of the town; the police station is at the stone throw distance. It does not end there, the girl ran and approached the guards at District Magistrate Bungalow. But they declined to move instead they suggested to go to police station! Before she could do anything the operation was finished. Her brother was found laying on the road by few passer's by; who took him to District hospital. At hospital at that dead night there was none to take due care (it is District Hospital!), so they referred to city (R G Kar, Kolkata) at that late hour. And he succumbed to injuries.   

It is reported that adjoining the District Court there , after the dusk the locals  frequent for hooches. It is known to all and sundry. The road is not safe despite of police claim that they arrange regular police patrolling (hoax) regularly. Those three hoodlums emerged from one of those hooch joints.

Do I need to tell you who all are in nexus in such business? So who is going to stop them!                             

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Elizabeth said...

When i started readding it i thought it was interesting, but somehow i lost the meaning of it in the third paragraph, as you mixed politics with murder and the story of a teenager...and ooops sound like a mess!