Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Have you traveled through district roads of West Bengal recently? It your answer is in affirmative, then I need not to tell you how those roads are! If you did not take a journey through those roads anywhere in the state. Those who take frequent journeys by road, they are likely to know NH2 & 6 ; the Durgapur Expressway and Bombay Road. After coming into national highway networks those roads are converted into six lanes and that turned the road travel experience is worth that you pay in terms of toll tax. But comparing to them journey through any other roads criss crossing the state covering several districts and major part of NH 34 are in horrible state. The potholes and bumpers ( with no uniform specification!) turn the travels into travails. The state government collect road tax, they get central allocations to fund the expansion, repair and maintenance of these roads. One surmise where the fund goes? Some of the roads come under District or Panchayet authority ; they get regular share of funds from state what central allocates; but the picture is gloom and better said horrific! Not that the local level authorities like municipal or district boards do not have sufficient fund or expertise to take care of the roads , that come under them. Those who have to true intention they do it in far more better way as they need to look after smaller areas. For example Taki municipality; they have maintained the roads in that small sub-divisional town in excellent condition. Who ever comes in power their money allocated for roads goes for the intended purpose. Else where the story is otherwise; nothing to say about the corrupt officials and their political bosses. PWD and irrigation ; these two departments in West Bengal are milking cows for those who are in power.

Now as the date of election is announced, on that pretext , all the repair or maintenance works of roads have been suspended; the rumors flow , this is to pacify election commission’s ire!

How about another amendment in our constitution; if election commission is empowered for suspending the ruling party or parties for doing almost nothing during the their last full tenure at least in the ares like road, health care, education ; as they are evident; perhaps that can keep the political bosses and their babus in check.

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