Friday, 6 May 2011

What started with Bush; will it end with Obama?

Obama eradicates Osama; what started with President Bush, the question is, will it end with Obama? This is a million dollar question. In fact with presidential election in United States due in 2012; and Obama's popularity having touched nadir; is going to look up with Prize Osama. Despite US economy remains where they were till now. Obama's promise to retrieve it from the down-fall remains unfulfilled frustrating US citizens of all levels. How ever Americans value more for their national security than anything else. As we know they fight all the wars away from their home land. Destroying, devastating and ravaging other countries has been their favorite pastimes on the pretexts like saving the mankind from disastrous chemical gas (never found in Iraq!), spread of communism and threat of nuclear war (Korea,Vietnam, Afghanistan)! They indulge in wars and destruction always on others soils taking their allies from European countries ( therefrom they poured in since sixteenth century after Columbus). They call it a truce when uproar in their own country urge them to stop seeing body bags! Well this is America, the world's most powerful nation and deserving the the role to play as Big brother. Ironically, leaving the rest of the world in the hands of fate! They care for them as one cares for his vehicle that he uses. Pakistan is now useful to US strategy for Afghanistan. So the world's demand to declare Pakistan as a rouge state, nurturing, perambulating, feeding terrorism is falling into deaf ears. Even operation 'Jerenimo'( liquidating Osama Bin Laden); the way was executed shows their clear mistrust on Pakistan.

It is high time Obama take a decision to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan; much before 2014 as earlier declared. Let Afghanistan administer their rule on their own, if they feel like let them form their government with Taliban. That will help remain the strongest arm of Al Quida in geographical territory of Afghanistan. Taliban are not interested to impose their dictum elsewhere except their focused portion of Afghanistan. Well this may cover more women in 'burkha', force them to quit school but rest of the world or at least neighboring countries like India can breath peacefully. The immediate halt of doles and aids to Pakistan is the most necessary. Money thus reaching Pakistan are only proliferate terrorism. Osama's hiding in Abbotabad for past six years speaks of everything in volume.

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