Wednesday, 10 August 2011

1978 ! The Year It rained and Flooded !..

1978!  You must be thinking what is precious about the year!  All the way the year 1978 carried special significance for me. How come!  You know I was born on 16th January; numerically they say if you add the birth date=, then number carries a significance in your life; so for me it is 7 as 1 + 6 = 7; and mind you, in the year 1978 I was 25. So 2 + 5 = 7 .
Now here comes the story; till 1978 in Indian Air Force a law prevailed those Airmen failed to get promoted to the rank of at least Lance Air Corporal within nine years of their service; would be discharged. I was an airman then. With law or rules in view , I  did not take any promotion till 1978 (even thereafter) expecting my salvation after nine years of service with Air Force. But to my utter dismay  in 1978; all of a sudden a circular came; stating that Airmen who even fails to get promoted by nine years , will be in service till they complete their initial bond i.e. 15 years. Can you imagine how I felt! Sacrificing all the promotions for those many years, the money I lost and the time I seemed to have wasted ! I was totally frustrated; that was 1978 for me.
Must be surprised why I am recollecting 1978 now! The rain again; it is in the year of 1978; we had tremendous rain and West Bengal with several states was flooded. The rain this year reminds me that.

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