Saturday, 17 September 2011

Irom Sharmila's fast to un-fasten noose of AFSPA

How do we start our days in any of our metropolis or smaller town; the busy morning schedules to catch up with our times. Even in villages where the roads and electricity have reached; the life has become more or less same; the only difference for those who are associated with farming may start the day quite early. The day may vary from one to another due to various professional and occupational differences but for all our days pose no fear.
Imagine a morning you are passing by a bus stand in the outskirts of your town; people there as usual gathered to catch buses. All of sudden 'tara .. tara. ta. ; you find security perosonals on patrol opening fire to those in the bus stand with out any provocation! Ten die there instantly, in that doldrums you manage to take a glimpse, all the ten bodies are of innocent village women lying in pool of blood! What will be you reaction? Just to hurry back your home and taking recourse to nudge the very thought of that heinous killings. That's usual. But there are exceptions ; though exceptions are not rule. That exception is Irom Sharmila . Way back in November 2nd in 2000 ; this happened in the outskirt of Imphal, Manipur. The Assam Rifle opened fire on innocent people under the command of Army. They were empowered with Draconian law; AFSPA or Armed Force's Special Power Act; so they went scot free! But from the next day that was 3rd November 2000; Irom Shamila went on hunger strike demanding the repeal of such archaic , colonial law. Though she was arrested next day and then on she has been force fed through nose and jailed in hospital bed. Once in a year she is released for day to be re-arrested in next day and kept on nasal diet. This cycle has been continuing for the past 11 years!!

It is surmising why there is no furore in our media or political circles for her lone-some fight! Recent movements of Anna Hazare and its result raised the question afresh. Though Anna and some of his followers indicated they are supporting Sharmila's cause and likely to join her in her fight. Only time will answer the reality. However we will see how this law came into force in 1958 under Nehruvian government and what's the consequences.
(To be continued...............)

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