Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Irom Sharmila's fast to un-fasten noose of AFSPA ...Part - III

( contineued from part ............II)

Today, on news paper I find a news stating that renowned activist Medha Patkar is organizing rally from Jammu Kashmir to Manipur in support of Iriom Sharmila for her unending fight against AFSPA or Armed Forces Special Power Acts; now in force in all the North Eastern States and J&K. What surprises me; has Medha been sleeping for this long period of 11 years, ever since Irom Sharmila was on fast to repeal AFSPA? Or it was other lucrative issues like ‘Narmada Banchao”, oust Tata’s Nano plant from West Bengal and many more were more alluring to her to steal the lime light or strike the headlines! The incredible India and Indians!
So when rest of the country is rallying after Anna for his ‘Jan Lokpal Bill” and anti corruption move and Anna’s fast raising massive support amongst the sensitive, educated middle class; now Sharmila gets a chance. So, Medha is on the move; this time with a ‘Sharmila’ banner. We wait and see how long she lasts
AFSPA was brought into force to suspend and arrest secessionist movements in the states where the law is imposed. On the very first place, no much thought was given; why such movement should get the momentum at all! Where the seed of the problem lies; not that few people without gross public support started it anywhere. Initially, in all these states such movements lay undergrounds; later they surfaced when commoners supported their cause. Lest they could never sustain so long. As a matter of fact; many believe the seed of the problem lies in our constitution; in its very eccentric nature. The power distributed between center and state governments are not balanced. Our constitution is basically eccentric, conferring ultimate power in the hands of ruling central government in every matter of revenue sharing, developments or natural resources tapping. The states in questions were never under British rule during Raj as the rest of our country. In fact those hilly states were not so lucrative for colonizing them and they found it tough to go on war against them. They brought them under little or partial control with various treaties. At the time of independence; the commoners there went grossly unaware of ‘power hand-over’. Later at a slow but steady pace this secessionist movement gathered momentum under the various local tribal leaderships and our eccentric constitution kept on adding fuel in the fire. For Jammu and Kashmir , article 370 failed to meet Kashmiri’s expectations ; for North Eastern States there is simply nothing to protect local interest or sentiments. So; AFSPA was primarily imposed to suppress the voice and movements. As a result the unrest is undercurrent, sometime with tumultuous force and on the surface the killings by Arm Forces or the rebels exist for ever.

(To be continued………..)

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